Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Salad Garden Gift Idea

We celebrated my nephew B-Man's birthday this last weekend. I called his mom last week and asked what she thought he might like for his birthday gift. She had the phone on speaker and I heard him in the background say 'a bag of salad'. That's my very unique nephew! I took that idea a step further and created a more lasting gift. I bought him all of the makings for his very own salad garden. I put together a 'kit' with a pot, potting soil, lettuce plants and a watering can - all for less than $15. You would have thought I gave the kid a million dollars!!! Oh, I almost forgot. When I was at my local nursery, they had these adorable metal red ants - I had to get one to include in B-Man's present because I'm his aunt. Love you, B-Man.