Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Make Healthy Fun! DVD

I have been editing the Make Healthy Fun! DVD and it's ready to go stick in my DVD player to see how it looks - I'm kind of scared...but I love watching my nephew, Brandon - he's so funny!!! The bloopers are hilarious!

Getting in Shape Could Improve Test Scores

Check out this article from Ladies' Home Journal (Sept 2010) that getting in shape could improve your kids' test scores.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

What a day!

I had my annual physical today and from there let the day unfold - this was pure luxury for me and I'm thinking that in the years to come, I want to set aside the day to do it again. It was a treat and gift to myself - not only the physical exam but the day...

Have I mentioned I LOVE my doctor??? I was very ill back in May and my regular doctor wasn't available to see me, so I was given the option to see another one in the practice and I am soooo glad I decided to see him. He makes you feel like you really matter (and not rushed!)

After my appointment, I decided to visit a fabric store I had recently seen advertised - I used to be a quilter and made custom shirts for years for my family but sewing just hasn't been a part of my life for a while now. I slowly went up and down the aisles with no projects in mind. It was a nice treat to see the colors, textures and themes.

From the fabric store I decided it was time to treat myself to breakfast and treat myself I did. I went to Apple Farm and indulged in Banana Pecan Pancakes and they were delightful - I savored and enjoyed every single bite!

My next adventure took me to Pier 1. I get their emails and I have say that when I got the latest one I really perked up seeing the mini serving dishes they offer - they call them 'tastings'. I'm a believer in moderation, so I do have desserts, but these adorable little bowls, dishes and plates are perfect to serve small amounts, yet you feel extra special. They are so popular they didn't have the ones I wanted, so I had to order them. I was already formulating a party in my mind...

The day was still young, so I decided it was the day to take my Make Healthy Fun! book to my local bookstore. The ladies were so delightful and encouraging. I sold a couple of books and have signed up to do a book signing / make it and take it September 25th at the Coalesce Bookstore in Morro Bay!!!

This day has reminded me to enjoy food (in moderation - I did get the short stack of pancakes), step outside of my comfort level and see where it will take me and to mark my calendar next year to make Physical Day a Me Day!


Annual Check-Up Time


It's my annual check-up time - doctor, eyes and in a couple of weeks it's dental. I usually like to do it around my birthday (so I remember to do them every year) but I was sick then, so it's time to check-in with my doctor's and make sure everything's going along smoothly. It's amazing what can happen in a year - I kept seeing baby pictures at my eye doctor's office and then it hit me - in the year that I hadn't seen her, she'd had a baby!!! Wow!

Here's to good health,

Friday, August 6, 2010


I'm sitting here trying to get some work done and I keep smelling PEACHES!!! A friend drove through the Central Valley of California this week and dropped off some wonderful looking (and smelling) peaches.

Have you had your fruit and veggies today???