Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Make a Birdfeeder from Old Records

It's a rainy day in my neck of the woods so I'm going to get out some old, scratched records, dream of a warm Spring day and the chirping of birds.  

Learn how to use those old, scratched records to make a birdfeeder and tons of other crafty projects including a room divider, placemats, cupcake stand and on and on designed by Cheryl Ball and Joan Martin Fee

Sign Language I Love You Pin

I Love You Pin
Use your child's hand as the pattern to make this pin extra special
What You Need
Shrink plastic 
Glue gun and glue sticks
Acrylic paint, red
Krylon® Spray Paint, Sterling Silver
Permanent marker, black
1/8” diameter hole punch
Wax paper
Paintbrush, ½” wide
2 jump rings, silver
Pin back
2 earring backs
E6000® Craft Glue

What To Do
  1. Place hand flat on shrink plastic, spreading fingers slightly apart. Trace hand, using marker.
  2. Cut out on inside of lines.
  3. Punch hole in center of hand, 1/8” from lower edge.
  4. Place heart patterns under plastic. Trace three large hearts and three small hearts. Cut out.
  5. Preheat oven to 275-300 degrees. Lightly sprinkle baking sheet with baby powder and place plastic pieces on baking sheet. Place in oven. When flat, remove from oven with hot pad and let cool.
  6. While hand shape is still warm, bend middle two fingers down. Refer to photo.
  7. Spray hand and large hearts with paint, spraying in a well-ventilated area and following manufacturer’s instructions. Let dry.
  8. Place small hearts on wax paper. Paint, using acrylic paint. Let dry.
  9. Glue red hearts on silver hearts.
  10. For pin, open one jump ring, using pliers. Insert jump ring through punched hole. Glue another jump ring on back upper center of heart, so a small amount is above the large heart. Let glue cool. Place jump ring on hearts through jump ring in hand. Close using pliers. Glue pin back on back of hand.
  11. For earrings, glue red hearts on silver hearts. Glue earring backs to back of large hearts.

Rainy Day Exercise

It's a windy, rainy day in my neck of the woods so I'm going to exercise the old Jack LaLanne way with cans of food. Speaking of Jack, I'm super excited that I have arranged for his wife, Elaine LaLanne to speak at an upcoming luncheon. I hear her stories are a hoot!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Make Every Day Special

I made empanadas for a party last Friday and since I can't just do ordinary, I cut hearts from the extra dough and added them for a special touch.

Make today and every day special...

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Strawberry Topiary Centerpiece

Valentine's Strawberry Centerpiece

The topiary is super easy - just place toothpicks in the cabbage and then stick on the strawberrys. I added a little flag that I made by gluing a fun foam piece to a wood skewer.

Place a cabbage in a pot (you could use a styrofoam ball but this way you can use the cabbage for a dish later).  Place a toothpick in the center and place a washed strawberry on the toothpick, sliding all the way to the cabbage.

Keep adding strawberries

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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Valentine's Day Lunch

Whatever age your sweetie is, they'll love this special lunch you make for them.  It's super easy and is sure to bring a smile to their face.  You probably have all the ingredients in your kitchen right now.

Valentine's Lunch

What You'll Need 
Bread, Oroweat Sandwich Thins
Eggs or sandwich meat
Hummus, purchased
Cookie cutter, heart shaped or use knife
Mayonnaise, light
Tomato soup
 How to Make It
Sandwiches and Croutons - For egg salad sandwiches, hard boil eggs and let cool. Remove peel. Chop and add a little mayonnaise. Season to taste. Place sandwich thins on cutting board and cut into heart shapes using knife or cookie cutter. Spread egg salad or use sandwich meat on bread. Croutons - Cut small heart shapes from excess sandwich thins. Toast in oven or pan until brown and crispy.
Hummus - Take a large spoonful of hummus and place on plate. Take another spoonful and place next to first scoop.  Form into heart shape with spoon.  Add carrots.


Saturday, February 2, 2013

Avocado Heart

Here's a way to add a healthy special touch to Valentine's Day or any day!

Slice the avocado in half.  Remove the skin and pit. Place avocado opening side down on a cutting board. Cut into heart shape with a knife.

Add the avocado heart to a salad, on top of an omelet, anywhere you want to add a little something from your heart.