Friday, May 18, 2012

Diet Slurpee

Diet Slurpee coming to a 7 11 near you soon.

Cost will be the same as a standard Slurpee. Formulas may differ, but for example the Fanta Wild Cherry is 66 calories for 8 ounces. The diet equivalent is 20 calories. It will be available at all participating 6,700 7-Elevens in the U.S.  Check out more about the Diet Slurpee at

What do you think?
Summer Bucket List

Summer is upon us so why not take a twist on the ol' Bucket List and make a Summer Sand Pail List...

What are some fun things you want to do this summer for yourself and your family?  Write your answers on pieces of paper and toss them in a sand pail you get at the local dollar store. Pull one out each day or week and get moving!

Here's what I have on my Summer Bucket List (subject to change every moment!)

1. Walk more (after a broken ankle last year it's pretty hard and I am having to really talk myself into it!)
2. Try something new - mine is to try new healthy recipes
3. Plan better for my meals - I eat so much better if I plan and when I have healthy food in my house
4. Invite my nephew over for some beach time
5. Walk on the beach with my shoes off
6. Play tourist in my own town
7. Go to my local farmer's market and buy a vegetable I've never tried before
8. Plant a garden
9. Make stepping stones from large leaves I have in my yard
10. Well, that's my little secret...

Have fun and enjoy your summer!