Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sign Language I Love You Pin

I Love You Pin
Use your child's hand as the pattern to make this pin extra special
What You Need
Shrink plastic 
Glue gun and glue sticks
Acrylic paint, red
Krylon® Spray Paint, Sterling Silver
Permanent marker, black
1/8” diameter hole punch
Wax paper
Paintbrush, ½” wide
2 jump rings, silver
Pin back
2 earring backs
E6000® Craft Glue

What To Do
  1. Place hand flat on shrink plastic, spreading fingers slightly apart. Trace hand, using marker.
  2. Cut out on inside of lines.
  3. Punch hole in center of hand, 1/8” from lower edge.
  4. Place heart patterns under plastic. Trace three large hearts and three small hearts. Cut out.
  5. Preheat oven to 275-300 degrees. Lightly sprinkle baking sheet with baby powder and place plastic pieces on baking sheet. Place in oven. When flat, remove from oven with hot pad and let cool.
  6. While hand shape is still warm, bend middle two fingers down. Refer to photo.
  7. Spray hand and large hearts with paint, spraying in a well-ventilated area and following manufacturer’s instructions. Let dry.
  8. Place small hearts on wax paper. Paint, using acrylic paint. Let dry.
  9. Glue red hearts on silver hearts.
  10. For pin, open one jump ring, using pliers. Insert jump ring through punched hole. Glue another jump ring on back upper center of heart, so a small amount is above the large heart. Let glue cool. Place jump ring on hearts through jump ring in hand. Close using pliers. Glue pin back on back of hand.
  11. For earrings, glue red hearts on silver hearts. Glue earring backs to back of large hearts.

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