Tuesday, November 9, 2010

New Thanksgiving Tradition

It's Time Capsule

OK, so you're looking for a fun project for the entire family. Here's the perfect craft project that involves EVERYONE!!!
Time travels so fast – capture a bit of the moment with things from today.

What You’ll Need

  • Capsule - Plastic Container with a Tight Fitting Lid if You’re Going to Bury it in the Dirt or Tin, Plastic, Wood or Cardboard if You’re Not
  • Glue That’s Waterproof if You’re Going to Bury Your Capsule
  • Zip Top Plastic Bags

Ideas for Things to Put in Your Time Capsule

Photo, drawing, comic strip, event ticket, today’s newspaper, toy, coin from the current year, predictions, photo of your family or friends, something that represents YOU! Be sure to include the date the capsule was buried. Have everyone contribute something.

How To Make It!

  1. Place your items in zip top bags before placing in capsule.
  2. If you aren’t going to bury your container, decorate the outside with permanent markers or by gluing things on.

Place your capsule in a warm, dry place or if burying, seal with waterproof glue and let dry. Dig a hole, place the capsule in the hole and let each person take a turn placing dirt over the container. Decide when you’ll open your capsule, maybe next Thanksgiving!!!

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