Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Mixed Media Retreat on the Beautiful Coast of California

Creative Me Time

Mixed Media Retreat

Cambria, California

Yes, that's right, an entire weekend getaway filled with exciting creative workshops, delicious meals, a goodie bag, the beautiful Pacific Ocean, and more relaxation than you'd think possible. Come join the fun - it's a weekend all about YOU!
Classes, Classes & More Classes
Yay!  Heidi Borchers is debuting her Starbucks Cups Mixed Media Masterpiece!  She's been asked for years to share her technique and we're lucky enough to be in the first class!  You'll be amazed at the art you create using Starbucks cups under the guidance of Heidi, who's been an artist all her life. You can leave your piece natural or paint to fit your decor. This is going to be a smashing good time!

Lana and Sloane Simmons from EZScreenPrint, will show how really easy screen printing is - it only takes 60 seconds exposure to the sun to make the screen!  You'll screen print three projects including the Amazingly Fast & Easy Screen Print Wall Art, a tote bag, a tile coaster and take home the supplies to create even more!

Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate!  The For the Love of Chocolate class features yummy gourmet chocolate tasting from The Joycup Co. and we'll carry on our theme by decorating a colorful container for your own chocolate stash.  Joan'sgathering trinkets, baubles and doodads from her travels and bringing tons of items from her studio for you to personalize your container.

Succulents are so popular and shoes, well, we all LOVE shoes.  Joan Martin Feecombined the two and came up with an adorable Shoe Succulent Garden using a super easy decoupage process. While the glue is drying,  we'll make lovely Herbal Hand Scrubs, all perfect gifts for the holidays.

There's one more class, but it's a TOP SECRET SURPRISE!  You'll have to wait until Sunday morning of the retreat to find out!

Imagine an entire weekend of doing what you want to do...Details are available at www.CreativeMeTime.com
Chocolate Tasting and Creative Chocolate Class

EZScreenPrint class on how to make stencils with only 60 seconds of exposure to the sun and then make three projects including this wall art.
We're going to have a smashing good time in Heidi Borchers Starbucks Mixed Media Masterpiece.  Can you see the details in the artwork using all things Starbucks?
Shoe Love and Garden Love - The Gifts from the Garden workshop features a super easy decoupage technique to apply words and pictures then while the glue dries we make herbal sugar hand scrubs then it's time to plant the Succulent Shoe Garden!

More details are available at www.CreativeMeTime.com  

You deserve an entire weekend of Creative Me Time!

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