Thursday, February 11, 2010

Calorie Calculator

I LOVE olives!!! I remember when I was a kid, my dad had a friend who made his own olives and thankfully our family received large jars for years!!! And, there were my younger days of sticking olives on my fingers at holiday celebrations!!! I can still picture Little Joan wiggling her black-tipped fingers for all to see.

I subscribe to where they tempt me with beautiful pictures of olives and amazing recipes, but they also have a Health Section (and a Kid Section) with wonderful ideas from Cold Busters to Slimming Down Deliciously!

Check out the Calorie Calculator on the site too - Have you ever wondered how many calories you burn playing ball? Staring at the tube? Catching a few zzzzs? Taking a swim? Well, wonder no longer. With this fun and easy calculator you can measure calories burned for every form of activity and some things you never thought counted! Use it to calculate your entire day's activities, or simply measure them one-by-one.

I'm off to the store to buy some olives...yum!

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