Sunday, February 28, 2010

Spring is here!!! (at least on the West Coast)

Gardening has always been a part of my life. I grew up on a 40-acre farm in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley seeing grapes drying in the hot sun on their way to becoming raisins, picking the best-ever apricots from a tree that grew along a canal bank and trying to keep from falling into the water, watering crops like alfalfa and walnuts...always having fresh fruit and vegetables for meals.

So, no matter where I have lived, be it an apartment in San Diego in my 20's to here on the Central Coast of California with it's challenging clay soil, I have had a garden. I love it when seed catalogs come in the mail. I can look at them for hours, put them down and a few days later look again envisioning my garden in all its glory. I ordered a dwarf blueberry and cherry from Gurneys a few months ago and they just arrived, budding in all their beauty. We have had so much rain this year, I'll need to keep them watered and give them a daily dose of sunshine until the soil dries up a bit before I can plant them outside.

The dwarf blueberry with what looks like flowers. Can it be?

Here's how they arrived, already budding!!!

Whether you head out to a garden shop or shop on-line, it's time to Spring into action and plant a garden or even one plant. I haven't had the chance to chat yet with Dr. Earth, Milo Shammas, but I love a quote on his website that I totally agree with - "I personally believe the best thing you can ever grow is a gardener." Love it!

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