Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fall Unplug & Indoor Activities for the Entire Family

The evenings are getting shorter and that means we'll be spending more time inside so we need to come up with some creative ways to unplug from all those electronic things and find ways to keep active indoors.  How about?

  • Charades

    If your children are young, find pictures of animals and other interesting items in magazines, cut them out and apply the picture to some heavy paper with a glue stick. Have the entire family cut pictures from magazines - no rules, anything that tickles their fancy.  Glue the pictures to a box that will be your 'draw' box for the charade cards. You'll need props, so fill a box with fun items from around the house.  Let a child pull one of the pictures out of box and act out their 'thing'.  Use a timer and let the laughs begin!

    For more fun indoor activities this Fall, check out the Make Healthy Fun! book, ebook or video under the shopping section!

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