Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Healthy Halloween Party

OK, it's the day before Halloween and how do you keep yourself and your family from all those tempting sweets???

How about a party at your house?

Call up your friends and invite them over for a healthy, creative evening.  Pick some of the ideas on this blog and have a guilt-free Halloween


Play charades (see the how-to's below)
Makes Silly Sticks - giant pick up sticks from dowels
Bob for Apples
Make a Finish Flag and have relays


Friendly Monster's (search above for the recipe)
Totem Pole Dinner - let the kids (and adults) create their own entire dinner as a totem pole
 Food Taste Test - change the texture of foods before the party - blend, chop, etc. and at the party blind-fold a volunteer and have them guess what it is

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